Let the Light In

by Kelsey Wild

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released October 18, 2016

Written & recorded by Kelsey Wild

Michael Gillilan - drums, bass
Sully Davis - bass
Kelsey Wild - vocals, guitars, organ, bass

Mixed & mastered by John Buehler

Watercolor by Amélie Grooscors

Special thanks to Emily Kempf of Cool Girl.
Tracks also available on Cool Girl #4 cassette split with Dubb Nubb!


all rights reserved



Kelsey Wild Chicago, Illinois

Kelsey Wild is a Chicago-based songwriter.

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Track Name: Let the Light In
I saw you in the street last night
Laughing with some friends of mine
You called my name, and ran to me
I was struck by your open face
So unafraid, alien to me

Now that grain of sand is set
I've lacquered it and polished it
Always with me in my mind
I speak to you all the time
'Til you're on the roof, 'til you can't come down

My familiar, a second set of lungs
A twin, a stranger, still
I think I know what I'd say to you
'Til you're in the very same room
And I cannot speak, and the moment's gone

I love your shining face
I love the way you've kept me company
Even if I never know who you are
I thank you for who I think you are
The possibility

My world was small
You let the light in
Track Name: Fool
You made me think that I was right
I thought I'd finally learned to read my own mind
And you were tender, clear, and free
The light in you
I thought it would extend to me

Tell me you think I'm something great
Move me, then turn the other way
I'm a fool now, when I am around you
I'm lost, I don't know what to do

Toy with my uncertainty, I know the answer well
Give me reason to believe you'd come around
I was such a fool
I saw a light in you
Something bright and true

I meant to never let it start
I had, first, distance on my side
I was careless, you were always on my mind
Always someone to show you how you're wrong and why

Burning in my brain a vision you would come around
Animated by desire and by design, beyond reason
Are you gone?
I was such a fool
I saw a light in you
Something bright and true

Even as you tell me to decamp
You pull me in with your other hand
I wish I was above it all
I want you
But I have to save myself

Burning in my brain a vision you would come around
Kindly shut the door my friend, 'cause it's beyond my will
I was such a fool
I saw a light in you

I was such a fool
Track Name: In My Dreams
After the curtains fell I lost myself
No skin between me and the world
I was a mouth, a mind, a pair of eyes
I forgot everything I learned

Ever uncomfortable with myself and you
Always awash with hope I would change into
Somebody who knew
In my dreams
A human with a point of view
In my dreams
I am made anew

I longed for somebody to guide me then
Someone to feed me all my lines
You touched my hands and tried to make me move
But I hadn't anything to give

Terrified of myself I would start a fight
Watching your face fall in the maroon light
And it didn't hurt my pride
In my dreams
And it didn't bleed me dry
In my dreams
And it didn't make you mine
And you didn't leave my side

I am, I am
Track Name: Never Again
I learned how to fight after you were gone
Because I had to
I don't mind anymore

When I was weak you were razor quick
As your sidekick
And confidant
I wanted to be you
I ached just to please you, but never again

But there was no master or friend too near
I thought I was immune
To the lash of the tooth
But it only hurt worse
Coming from you, oh what did I do?

I learned to live like a fugitive
I was so afraid
To call you out
All the screaming and weeping
In my own house, oh what did I do?

I hope that you're happy now
Oh wherever you are
I don't care anymore
I can say it and mean it
I don't care anymore
You were once my friend
But never again
No, never again

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